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Animal Crossing

I made a thing and here it is.


I made a thing and here it is.

New ACNL blog!



Howdy guys! I’m Allie and I’m new to the game. After seeing so many ACNL blogs, I decided to try and make one. :) I’m looking for blogs to follow and hopefully some new friends to play with~ So if ya’ll could like this post if you’re an ACNL blog, I’d be happy to follow you! 

P.S. I know the blog is rather empty but I literally got the game and my 3DS this evening lol.

Guys new acnl blog!
Welcome to our huge family!
/throws confetti


Animal Crossing backgrounds || Free to use!

No need to credit me but I’ll be happy if you do c: If you want to suggest new colors/patters feel free to leave an ask.



I made a QR code! Little white tank t-shirt with brown plaid skirt and braces!

I was helped greatly by petal-parasol, who did an amazing braces tutorial which I based by design around. c:

Plaid invented by me heheh. If anyone would like a mini tutorial on it send me an ask >.<

Shirt Here [x]



Prim liked the dress I was wearing last night so here’s the code!
also ignore that it says prom because I made it too late and missed the ac prom entirely ;n;

nintendo please do this


I have thought about this a lot and have come up with a totally viable and simple feature that should be added to the next game! A way of picking where villagers live, but letting them randomly show up would still and an option and it’s totally mayor-y and cute and yesssss

I WANT THIS IN THE NEXT GAME, OKAY. OKAY. After the jump I will explain my idea because I’m excited about it;;

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Mini random stuff giveaway


These things were supposed to be traded, but due to unsuccessful trading (people not getting back to me or suddenly disappearing) Im giving these away cause they’re just taking too much space in my town (and Im tired of waiting orz) So yea the items are a bit random cause they’re just extras stuffs…


Uh you can figure out the lucky cats (left handed versus right handed), the bass is the biggest instrument and really should know your chess pieces :U. I might be missing somethings, send me an ask if i am aawuuu. 

Web version:


this video makes me want to punch myself because they are so talented fml



OH WOW. [source]

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